Register for Sale Agent

Required Documents :
  • Residental Certificate
  • Guaranteen Letter
  • Copy of your Identity Card
  • Village Map
  • Photos of your house

Fortune Telling

Conditions of the award.

Insee Trading Company, Lao Lottery agent number 4

Established in the date 17/07/2003.
    Agent number 2 digits,3 digits,4 digits located at Vientiane Metropolitan. Have located
headquarters at Rue 23 Singha,Ban Nongbon. Saysettha City. Vientiane Capital.
Is personal state enterprise which is state enterprise company of lao lottery.
Leadership in the establishment and operations. Have the right to operate fully
everything, about to lao lottery. Under the laws of the Laos PDR. And have to role
serve Lao Lottery sales 5 digits and write a sale and also product is in new services
are digital lottery have distribute inside of Vientiane Metropolitan.